10 Sweet Moments of KathNiel at Star Magic Ball 2017

The Star Magic Ball 2017 has just ended, and it's the perfect time to look back at the sweet moments of KathNiel captured during the star-studded event. 

Brace yourselves as we give you these moments that contain so much 'kilig feels.'

10. Daniel surprises Kath with a bouquet of flowers. 

9.  Kath almost kisses Daniel on the cheek.

8. Kath calls him 'gwapo', and then the latter thanks his 'Tangi'  —  his term of endearment for Kath.

7. Daniel ensures that Kath's gown won't drag on the floor by holding it up whenever she walks.   

6. Daniel sweetly hugs Kath at the end of their 'LaLaLand-themed' dance performance.

5. Daniel gives the award to Kath after she's being named as the 'Most Brightest Star of the Night.'

4. Daniel poses with the two of the most important girls in his life. (And oh look, Kath's so cute!)

KathNiel with Daniel's sister, Magui.
3.  Feeding his 'Tangi' with grapes.

2. A smiling Kath heads out to the ball while wearing Daniel's suit. Of course, he's doing his duty again!

1. And Kath's instagram post showing herself with 'her date since '12' is definitely the sweetest!

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What's your favorite KathNiel moment? Share it below!

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