WATCH: Daniel Padilla shares his favorite flaw of Kathryn Bernardo

Each one of us has flaws and Kathryn Bernardo is no exception.

Yes, it makes us down when people point out every flaw they see in us. But for Kath, it won't cause her to have low self-esteem because she embraces her imperfections  — making her perfect in her own way.
And do you know someone who helps her boosting that self-esteem up and makes her love herself more?  It's.... 

Daniel Padilla, of course .

During their guesting in 'Tonight With Boy Abunda,' Daniel shared his favorite flaw of Kath when he was asked about it by host Boy Abunda.

Although he didn't verbalize it, KathNiel fans found out that it was her legs.

See it here: 

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